• Chiropractic health care is based on the fact that good health depends on a properly functioning nervous system

  • Chiropractic care seeks to restore and improve our nervous system and physiology. 

  • Chiropractic care focuses on evaluating a proper joint function (i.e. spine, pelvis, extremities) to determine if there are any movement abnormalities and malfunctions. 

    • Improper spinal movement (with or without pain) sends abnormal spinal information to the brain.

    • This makes it harder for the brain to perceive accurately what is going on in the body and the world around it.  

    • This aberrant processing and integration by the brain cause poor control of the spine and the body. 

  • Chiropractic care (i.e. spinal adjustment) disrupts this vicious cycle, restoring proper spinal movement as well as improving the brain function (accuracy of the communication between the brain and body and the environment). 

    • Receiving chiropractic care shows improvements in neural function such as pain relief and better motor control

  • Many people seek regular chiropractic care to not only relieve pain but also help the body function at his or her maximum potential

Common Symptoms We Treat

  • Neck Pain & Stiffness

  • Back Pain (e.g. Low back pain)

  • Shoulder Pain & Tightness

  • Extremity Pain (e.g. knee, ankle, arm, wrist)

  • Hip Pain

  • Headaches/Migraines

  • General Numbness/Tingling (e.g. sciatica)

  • Jaw Pain and more. 

  • Dr. Jung specializes in an instrument-assisted spinal manipulation system called the Activator Method. The Activator is a hand-held instrument that allows us to perform spinal manipulation in a safe, specific and comfortable way. It does not involve any twisting or popping of your joints. 

  • The Activator Method is very effective in gently correcting any misalignment and balancing your body. Our procedure allows you to restore proper spinal motion, relieve pain, and function at your maximum potential. 

  • Activator is safe for everybody including pediatrics, pregnant women, and seniors.  

  • Learn more about Activator Methods.