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3D Posture Analyzer

New skeletal imaging system

without radiation exposure


"Take care of your  spinal health

using a real-time 3D imaging system"

What is 3D posture analysis?

  • We use a Posture Analyzing and Virtual Reconstruction Device (PAViR) by Moti-Physio. The device measures neuro-musculoskeletal dysfunctions in 10 scientific metrics (i.e., forward head posture),  24 body landmarks, and 87 types of asymmetric muscle conditions and renders them into a 3D skeleton model.

  • Static and dynamic analyses (Overhead squat, one-leg balance test) are available to precisely evaluate the patient's posture and neuro-musculoskeletal function. 

Why is posture evaluation important?

  • Poor posture aggravates neuro-musculoskeletal symptoms such as low back and neck pain and disrupts our kinetic chain. 

  • Posture analysis provides valuable information in managing neuro-musculoskeletal health because our posture is related to the body's ability to perform energy-efficient movements and protect the body from injury or progressive deformity. 

  • The data helps determine the proper course of care, and each evaluation is compared to track your progress over time. 

Is it safe? 

  • Yes, absolutely. Unlike an x-ray (i.e., EOS imaging system), our PAViR 3D imaging system allows us to evaluate posture easily and quickly without any radiation risk. 


Posture Analysis Sample
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