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Functional Rehabilitation

Trigger point therapy (certified Receptor-Tonus technique)

  • What are trigger points? 

    • Myofascial trigger points are common causes of musculoskeletal pain. These are the painful areas in the muscles that become very tight. Acute or chronic muscular overload, direct trauma, poor posture, and emotional stress can develop these trigger points and compromise oxygen and nutrient supplies to the area. 

    • Trigger point therapy is an important part of our pain management protocol because many times patients do not realize there are painful trigger points on their body until direct pressure has been applied (to the trigger points). These trigger points can refer pain elsewhere, away from the origin of the pain. For example, headaches are common referred pain pattern from the trigger points in the neck muscles. 

  • Treatment effect:

    • Reduce pain and muscle spasm

    • Increase blood circulation to the affected trigger points

    • Promote healing

Vibration therapy:

  • Local mechanical oscillatory motion is provided.

  • Treatment effect (Benefits):

    • Decrease muscle soreness/tightness

    • Increase flexibility of muscles and joints

    • Increase muscle strength

    • Increase proprioceptive neuromuscular function (sense of self-movement/body position) (without thinking of the pattern)

    • Increase blood flow and oxygen uptake

    • Improve lymphatic drainage 

    • Prevents muscle loss (atrophy)

    • Helps to prevent injuries


  • It is designed to simulate human skin with an elastic component that stretches 30-40% beyond its original length. Unlike other types of rehabilitative tapes, it does not restrict movement and allows a full range of motion while providing support to the muscles. The adhesive in the tape is heat-activated and allows the tape to be worn for several days with a waterproof function. Also, the wavy design of the adhesive improves circulation under the skin. The tape is “skin-friendly” for patients with sensitive skin.

  • Kinesio-taping benefits:

    • Reduce pain and muscle spasm

    • Improve circulation (reduce swelling, increase lymphatic drainage)

    • Improve muscle and joint function

    • Muscle reeducation 

    • Improve posture and movement pattern

    • Prevent injury

Posture screening and education

  • Remove poor postural habits and promote postural hygiene

Therapeutic exercises

  • Identify adaptation to pain or injury and re-educate proper movement pattern

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