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Neck Pain and Exercise

Many people lift weights to get stronger and have bigger chest muscles, biceps and back muscles but they don’t really think about exercising their neck. Like all the other muscles in our body, inactivity will lose muscular strength and neck muscles are not different.

Neck exercise/rehabilitation is especially important after suffering a neck injury. The treatment will start with chiropractic adjustment but it is important to start a rehabilitation exercise as early as possible. This is because an early application of a controlled mobilization after an injury will enhance a cervical ligament strength. Additionally, it prevents you from forming a scar tissue so that you don’t lose your neck flexibility. After controlling your neck pain and symptoms, regular neck exercise (not a heavy weight lifting with your neck) will not only promote neck strength, endurance and range of motion/flexibility but it also prevent you from having a chronic neck problem. Even if you don’t have neck pain currently, sustaining chronic stress to your neck (e.g. bad posture, prolonged sitting) can be counteracted by neck exercises.

If you have any question about chiropractic care and neck exercises regarding neck pain, please do not hesitate to contact RYNK Chiropractic.

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